First class email solutions

Create your own personalized email address. Choose your domain name and create your own mailbox in minutes. Use our easy to use webmail interface and enjoy our state of the art security against spam, malware and all things nasty.

  • Giant mailboxes and backups
  • Calender, Tasks, and Online Drive
  • Free webmail for any device
  • The best spam and virus protection

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OX App Suite Basic

Free with every email account and domain name. Learn more


Email migration made easy. Seamlessly move your email from one provider to another – without breaking a sweat.

Now only

$ 12,-

Incoming email protection

Crucial to productivity increase

Spam protection in email communication

Spam is the most serious threat to productivity and resource efficiency in email communication. Reduce the number of wasteful emails with our spam protection.

Virus, phishing and malware protection

Be protected against malware and phishing attacks. Switch off your own spam filter, and reduce the virus and malware load on your computer or server.

Immediate outbreak detection

By filtering and analysing millions of emails every second, we keep improving our threat identification system, while safeguarding your privacy, with real-time intelligence updates.

Outgoing email protection

STOP your network from sending Spam & Viruses

Secure your reputation

Prevent spam or malware can being sent out from your network. We filter outgoing mail sent through SMTP. Prevention is much more preferable than expensive blacklist recovery.

Blacklist prevention

Avoid not being able to send out your important emails due to blacklistings. Our system prevents your IP from being blacklisted which reduces unnecessary user/client support.